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Welcome to dis CRUNK site.
Please believe this to be the crunkest, gulliest, bestest site of all days reflecting on the life of all the disenfranchised folk everywhere!! This site has it all, yo!
Where do you get your stuff??
And how can I find you so I can beat you down LAPD style...First, my stuff comes from an urban setting; this is not Walnut Grove or Mayberry. Just enjoy my site and if you don't like it, LEAVE!! Mad love and hella props to my peeps who actually get it. Special shout out to anyone who at least tries; you may be a chickenhead, but I'll give out "A's" for good effort! All of these photos were taken in my hometown of (PSYCHE) by a friend of mine who is capable of using a digital camera. We scoped out hot spots and he snapped 'em. However, the fat, sackchasing, non- bootylicious nubian queen was sent to me by a fan of the site. And the home page projects are in Chicago, home of world's greatest public housing projects!!
This site is off tha hook!!
Yup yup.

You are probably like "Dude, WTF?? How you gonna make fun or mock some folk just tryin' ta git a nut?" Shut up, Jackass!! I'm tryin' ta git my nut on too. I'm showing a side of life that most peeps only dream about. And it's a nightmare. Just think if you woke up and, OH NO, your Lexus wouldn't start. WHAT WHAT WHAT!!

Now, what if you woke up in the county hospital cuz some foo' jacked yo shit while you was sleep. Then, you was woke and tha man gaffled you up fo disorderly conduct cuz you melted down cuz you lick was missin'. He beat ya azz so silly, you woke up at County General strapped to a damn bed in a padded room. Then, they talkin' some shit 'bout resistin' da police. You gotta case, now. See, y'all ain't know nuffin' 'bout dat cuz it is not yo reality...

So befo' you git yo panties in a bunch, peep my site and try to be at one with these homiez. Then, if you ain't like it, go to a "feel good" site cuz I'm not gonna clown anybody here. Peace.

How often you gonna update this site??
Whenever I damn well feel like it! As often as possible I hope. Understand this though-- you don't just roll up in tha hood and start shootin' (unless you're Cincinnati PD). I gots ta respect these peeps and be on the DL when I want some pics.

Don't sweat me about updates. Bookmark it and check back whenever you want. I'm not tryin' to compete with major sites for raw numbers, I'm keepin' it real.
I'll try to be fresh with my shiznit, but slow yo roll on bein' all up on me hata style.
Phat Trailer Park Site

Man, I lock mah 64 up for booty!!
It is my duty to please that booty. 'Nuff said. If you don't understand, go out to your personalized, reserved parking spot at ACME Inc. and look toward downtown. Think about all the monster ass, junk in the trunk, draggin' the wagon, six pack in the back, loose caboose... Now, you still don't get it do you? You are a buster then.
Hit me up, PARTNA, email style

Daz juz ma baby daddy. 27048