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Why do FUBU, Sean Jean, and Pelle Pelle seem to make clothes up to 45XL??
I'll tell you why, foo. Because peeps in the urban setting love to eat! They write songs about it. I mean, it ain't healthy food either. The restaurants?? I've seen cleaner truck stop toilets. I've smelled better bowel movements. I could scrape the oil in these fast food joints' parking lots and maintain UPS's entire fleet (jets, too). Trifling...

S'posa be a double cheeseburger. It mighta been if Ray Ray and Pookie ain't sit on it!

The grub is good; the odor outside smells like bodies or diapers. Take your pick.

The Ultra in urban grubbing. Do Beverly Hills be havin' deez joints?

I'm not gonna lie here folks. This is some grubbin' spicy chicken fo sho!

Big 'Bama Nubian Queen. Reinforce tha floor/box springs when she gets buck wild on yo skinny azz!!