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Tha Man Trying to Regentrify Yo Area!
I dunno if dude is trying to be on the DL with this "Lee" thing, but he ain't gonna hook you up solid. Plus, you got a lot of cheese wrapped up in ornamental metals that cover every possible entry point. Stay put and keep it real!

We Got Next!!!
Hey all you ballerz. Looks like the fellaz need some comp. Step up MJ. Tell them you got mad game, their Caddy sucks, and Chris Dudley is better than Shaq. Then, foul them REAL hard in the backcourt away from the ball. Yeah, you got game playa. Dunk on 'em, too...
My Waves...
Get yo jerri juice, protein, aloa, cocoa, weaves all in one stop. And treat youself to a manicure, too. Pedicure? If you're bunion and corn free!! I been heard Shaquiania say, "Could I get ma nails and feets did at the same times?" You can get it all did here suga.
Gotta stay in touch with this global economy!
If for some strange reason, you got "disconnected", do not sweat it. Some reasons MIGHT be that you ain't pay tha bill, you're using an alias cuz of baseless/bogus warrants, you're in violation of parole, a family member is using your ID, etc. Just go here and get hooked up for a reasonable fee. Plus, you can call for your free tarot reading. Oh yeah, caller ID, voice mail, call forwarding is all included in your pre paid plan. As a bonus, potential employers will be able to contact you about a job! Yeah right...
Cold Beer Here!
Break yourself off an icy cold 40 bottle of eight ball. Maybe some 20/20 is your flavor. Either way, back your hooptie in and get the drink on.
Little Short on Ends This Month?
These fine folks understand completely. When you created your budget using an Excel spreadsheet, you forgot some months have 31 days and some only 30. Now you're short and need some extra cheddar to survive. Hit the first bank of urbanville for a stellar deal on butter!
Good Business.
Nothing wrong with just trying to make a living.
Pay Your Rent.
They taught you how to run a business at that Ivy League scool you attended, right? Here's what happens if you fail to put that MBA to work for you. Your business will be in the crapper!
24K Ride!
This catdaddy had DVD players in the sun visors! And he was showing that urban legend all time anthem-- Friday. Just think, you could go slangin' yo' ready rocks from this mothership AND watching the hijinx of Cube and Chris Tucker. It is truly good in the hood and this pimp knows as much. True dat. Oh yeah, Nia Long is a HOTTIE!!!
Pee Wee's Big Adventure!
Listen up moms. If lil Tauqiauwne hasn't beat his teacher down at school lately and has managed to be in ISS only 3 days a week, go ahead and hook him up with one of these. It'll get him off on the right track about what is truly important in this world-- material object gain and getting a hellified gangsta lean on! Your baby daddy will love that his support money is going to a bicycle. You do know where his daddy is... right? And pops does have a job and pays support, right? Of course, cuz the court ordered it in the paternity hearing. Better yet, spend some QT with the lil guy and he won't be in ISS.
Congrats on your "new" bucket from the BUY here PAY here lot!!
You did it. Managed to live in ONE residence for a year straight (jail ain't count, either) and produce 6 months worth of legit. pay stubs. Now, you can be like the true ballerz and wash that 1985 Olds 98 at the quarter wash. Don't worry about the wrong colored fender and the missing hubcap, just put tons of wax and tire dress on it. You still be flossin' in yo phat sled-- all at only 29% interest (that's only 65 clams a week for 4 years if you knew how to do math). Of course it was a one owner with only highway miles. Smoke coming out the tailpipe came free with the stellar deal you got at Here Today Gone Tomorrow Motor Sales/Body Shop/Mechanical/Pagers/Detail Incorporated.
The Tranny on tha Hooptie be CLOWNIN' on me!!
Cuz, have no fear. Tyrone, Juawane, and lil Boo Boo got this. You pull yo rig into the apartment parking lot. Then, the master techs. take over from there-- with these Snap On Tools. It's all they need to overhaul that burnt up tranny. Sure, they'll have about 14 bolts, washers, nuts, etc. left over. But it will now run "propa" like. If for some reason it should leak, bring it back and they'll put a glob of form-a-gasket on there for you!! Total fee for this entire job? Some M/D 20/20, couple blunts, a hood rat ho for a night, and a carton of KOOL cigs. I've seen it done. Just use the leftover bolts on the next project-- rebuilding the whole carb. in the Pep Boys lot/garage. Also, the vise grips double as any application where a bolt, clamp, rivet, weld, etc., should be used...
End of the Road...
Sad to say, but these infamous PJ's will be reduced to rubble very soon... Only two kinds of people lived here-- those who kicked mad amounts of ass and those who took some. Like a piece of history going buh bye.
I Dunno What Went Wrong...
Maybe it was poor screening of applicants. Maybe it was putting a grip of disenfranchised people in one area. Maybe it was a lack of policing the area. Maybe it was Housing Authority understaffing and corruption. Maybe it was a lack of social services for these dwellers. HUD does not make a good property manager, especially with a group of unemployed young folks with no training whatsoever, in ANYTHING.