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Man o' freaking man. At least concrete can withstand the elements!!
It seems everything in tha hood has to be iron or concrete. Then, grass creeps up through the concrete and the concrete jungle is in full effect. Oh well, no need to cut the grass, right??

City Livin' is PHAT!!
If I lived here, I'd be skkeerrreedd. I don't live here though. I am at one with the hood (as long as I don't have to live here!)
White Man Cam...
So my buddy decides to pursue this young, FINE tenderoni in an Altima. She lives in an apartment next to this "complex". We see a DEAD END sign and start to literally believe that freaking sign is our fate. So he hops out and takes a picture of the backside of this place. Yup yup. This is where kids "grow up" in the hood. The hottie was gone by the time we bounced outta dodge. Uh... lesson learned. Mo concrete, mo concrete, and mo concrete!
Good times?
Not exactly. This is where you might end up if you violate the legislative law. You might play by the rules of the street creed, but when you mess up in the jungle, you relocate to this house-- the BIGGER house.
Get Out MY House!
This is saying, "I like ma shit; don't make me push you up wif ma double pump Mossberg over under beeaaatch!" Gotta protect what is yours...
Cruisin' down tha street in ma 64...
Jockin' tha bitches, slappin' the ho's! No hood romp is complete without seeing at least one of these-- an old Impala tricked out phatty style! Listen to those bankruptcy info tapes and he'll tell you how to save enough cheddar to hook yourself up! I'm sure this car is financed through GMAC; the owner didn't pay cash for it. Or did he??


Count Your Blessings, Peoples.