The Fall of a HUD Housing Project
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Zoonyville PJ's

You want a project chic, right??
You have come to the right place on tha reazy!! This place is finally falling, but it was once a thriving community of gangs, drugs, prostitues, half-pint thugs, hella arsonists, illegal squatters, and just plain ghetto life. NOT ghetto fabulous, eitha!!
I'll let most of the photos speak for themselves. I will add a comment or two if I want.

Graffitti Expression!!
The demolition crew might have done the spraying, but it may have been residents, too. Who knows fa sho?? It looks tight, huh? If you get confused as to which spot be yo crib, just pick the propa gang insignia and you straight!!
Bye Bye Bye...
In the background is the middle skool where all the illegitimate Bebe's kids attended when they weren't locked up in juve... The school actually wanted the PJ torn down cuz of rodents... Lemme translate dat... "If it ain't Lil Tyroneais moms complaining about her baby daddy as the reason Ty is carrying weapons to schools, then it is the squatters/rats/thugs occupying the grounds."
Either way, the school had it rough when the PJ was open and when the PJ's closed.
Maintenance? Grounds Crew?
Trust me, it didn't look much better when peeps actually lived here. Just set it on fire when the foliage gets too tall. Do not let youngsters under 3 years burn it though; that is too young!!
Nothing to say here.
End of the Road!
These are the buildings at the end of the complex and fairly close to the community center. I can just imagine what kind of tenants lived in these buildings! Farthest from the one way in - one way out access. The worst of the worst got to live in these gems, far away from the "good" project dwellers.
Nice, Soft Exterior Colors!!
Light beige or baby blue. Such a thoughtful touch by the oppressors!! Keeps things calm.
I Lost Mines Keys!!
Foo, quit trippin'!! You know Tha Police been kicked in tha do so many times that the brick just fell down, too!! The Housing Authority knows it need fixed. After the maintenance man for the complex is done stealing building materials, he'll get right on that!! Give him some time to blaze up on the chronic though; he's had a tough day selling that copper that was supposed to fix Ms. Jackson's plumbing leak.

Zoonyville Was Tha Bomb!! R.I.P.