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Just some more letters and such letting us know Uncle Sam has our back.

Healthcare (Sorta)
You can pick your doctor! Any ER doc on duty is your primary doc. Just call the bambulance for that sore throat and you're on your way to county hospital. Wait time-- right at 5 hours, unless you're dying. Wait, fill out the forms!!

You are old or poor or both. Congrats!
If you have BOTH of these "health plans" and no spend down, you are one broke ass jake. A scrub if you will. Enjoy the long waits to be seen and get those antibiotics!!

What about BET, Cribs, and Miss Cleo??
Well, break out the foil and bunny ears cuz there's always the WB. About 106 and Park, you are SOL. Call a neighbor or watch it in your living room. Just do not run that coax. to your bedroom. Miss Cleo is on regular TV, too. Just tune in to Jerry Springer, but you knew that already.

Bring me your tired, your weak...
Great rates on lodging funded by the state. This sign means "Come on in, there's room for you. G'head, you've earned it ALL urban dweller." Three hots and a cot. I'll pass, but thanks "Uncle."

School daze, school daze...
I believe this school may not functioning any longer. The parking lot needing a mow job was my first clue. What kind of learning could ever take place in a building like this? All things concrete is a great motto from Uncle Sam. Suburban schools MIGHT look a little bit different...

Arbor Day??
Ummm... Did someone forget to mail the invites to the tree huggers about "Help spruce up Zoonyville Day"? You'll notice exactly one damn tree in this picture. If there were more green space available in The 'Ville, then maybe it could have survived. At least peeps could hide behind the trees when the bullets started to whiz by them. No pretty flowers, trees, gardens... how can a young thug thrive in such an environment?? VERY easily, friends.

This Old House...
Mo' like This Old Contractor's Trailer has more working amenities than the average apartment in this project. If the trailer has one working outlet and one working overhead light, it is sheer luxury compared to the townhomes next to it. However, poor maintenance issues contributed to the demise of this fine Housing and Urban Development property. Mixed income housing coming to a property near you if you live near here. Will it work? I guess we can always H.O.P.E (VI).

Gov'ment cheese is tha bomb!