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YEEEEAH. I'm feelin' these links on the rizzle. Hit 'em up and git yo education on 'bout some real peeps living real lives. These links are on pizoint!

The south side of Chicago is just SICK. Check out the elevator shafts/entry points in the commons areas, protected by steel mesh. They do this so peeps won't throw other peeps over the "tiers" and onto the concrete courtyards between the buildings. Look closely and you'll see a child's basketball hoop on one of the floors' elevator exits. I know the next MJ woulda come out this joint if they'd left the building alone!! Alas, they are tearing down 'Lil MJ's dreams...

In conclusion, the Chicago projects fade the South side projects in my town!

Not Urban Fab This is a countrified anti-urban site. But it do be off da hook, juz in anotha way than mines site!!
Malt Liquor Site On CRUNK!! A site with everything you would ever want to know about the preferred juice-- the 40 oz.
Bubb Rubb Ghetto Fab brotha Oaktown's finest ghetto superstar, reppin' for the whistle tip. WOO WOO.