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I've compiled a list of sellout ass clowns and a list of persons who are just straight up brass!! You may not agree or like my picks, but they're money in my book. And my book is the only one that counts.
No conversation can occur about the inner city without the notion of sellouts popping up. A sellout is a jabroni who forgets who they are and where they are from. Even country folks can be sellouts or true gamers. Check out the lists and you'll understand what I mean about peeps being prostitutes and selling their souls, and other people being superstars fo life!

Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down!!
This is all that is left of the PJ's called "Zoonyville." You had to keep it VERY real to make it in these parts. No sellouts ever stayed here. True playas lived here; Zoonyville will be sorely missed by the ballerz who ran the joint.
  Down For Theirs!
1.) Chuck D. This cat and his group PE just straight got it like that! I could just kick back with Flav and Chuck and run smack 24-7!! That would be off the coat rack for me.
2.) Latrell Sprewell. If choking the man AND your boss (same person) doesn't earn you real brotha, then I don't know what does! I swear PJ sounds like he still has a frog in his throat from Spree going OJ on him.
3.) Ice Cube. This is one phat gangsta rappa. I remember the geri curls and NWA; this playa is true and timeless. "The wrong nigga to f*ck wit..."
4.) Spike Lee. Decent movies and a Knicks fan riding the coat tails of this old ass team. But homey can be hated by so many and still be so real to the game.
5.) Vivica (is) A. Fox. Shorty alert here men. Lemme just go on record as saying this webpimp MIGHT eat a mile of her poo JUST to see from where it came. And that IS TRUE.
5.) Rev. Al Sharpton. Throwback to the old school of whitey hating. I hear he is running for president. Just think if this James Brown wannabe was the owner of the "White" House. Bye bye Clarence Thomas.
6.) Cedric The Entertainer. He's been around fo da longest, but he has crossed over now. He still keeps it crunk and does the damn thang, St. Lou style. Brotha is just mad talented, but keeps it gully at the same time
7.) Travis Tritt. WTF. Yes, this mullet wearing inbred made the list because he can straight represent country folk and not change his look one freaking iota. He is real.
8.) Olivia Fox. Just equal opportunity hating going on with her. Radio One is just stupid for firing her because she made The Russ Parr Show crunkafied as all get out fa shizzle! You go girl.
9.) Louis Farrakhan. You all know and love the OG of keeping it real. Dude can straight orate and speak of all evils perpetuated upon him and his people by the good old blue eyed devil! Amen!
10.) Bernie Mac. This is one mean ass sumbitch. South Chicago is no jizoke for those of you who don't know. Bernie is nothing nice either when he kicks your skull in on Def Comedy Jam.

Souls For Sale or Rent!
1.) Ahmad Rashad. Please get off MJ's nutz long enough to exhale! Felicia, girl you did the right thing by dropping this loser. Two snaps up for Felicia. Two fists for Ahmad.
2.) Bryant/Gregg Gumble. Dudes, the KKK has more "soul" than you guys. Matter of fact, you could sum up the realness the both of you have and the Klan still wins!!
3.) Bill Cosby. Hey hey hey... You'da been fine if you would have stopped there, but you hadda go with Jell-O and your stupid ass UNREAL TV show! You just suck, Bill.
4.) MC Hammer. Can't touch what a fool wannabe you are. Go back to being a bat boy and learn how to build a 30 million dollar crib and go bankrupt. Wait, you mastered that already.
5.) Bill Bellamy. How to be a player and gravytrain it FOREVER! You are a pretty boy buster and I have to shut you down. Please lose those faggy waves, too "bro."
5.) Oprah Winfrey. Look, sista, marry Stedman cuz I don't know of any other male who would ever get with a trick like you-- cheddar and all. Hold up, you and a Gumble might work out well.
6.) Robin Givens. Tyson couldn't pack the right punch, but this webmaster wouldn't be mad about going a couple rounds with you (in the sack). Leave your moms at the crib though...
7.) Oscar De La Hoya. The Golden Boy used to be awite, then he got soft and started singing. Then, he let his chic stay in his crib without his consent. Dude, call Charles Oakley over. He'll evict her, believe dat wuss boy.
8.) Magic Johnson. Dude, you, Evander, and Shawn Kemp could start a bastard factory. Magic, next time I see that smile of yours, I'm gonna fight you!!! Nice TV show, too...
9.) Eddie Murphy/Arsenio Hall. You're one in the same in my book. Just some scrubs trying to get their laugh on and they just suck and neither is funny. Keep it real, fellas.
10.) Sean "Puffy" Combs. This ass clown just grates my last nerve. So "bling bling", but has no clue about rapping (just sampling). Then, J Lo kicked him to the curb and he cries like the baby he is. Boo hoo, jackass. You need a girl...

Man, sellouts make me sick. They get the paper though!
And that's all these fools care about I guess. If you see any of these persons on the street, smack 'em upside their melon. Then, stick a fat CENTURY 21 "FOR SALE" sign straight up that candy ass!!

All Good in tha Hood!!
Only one way to keep what is yours... lock it up!! That's what this lady does, so she gets the award for being the smartest dweller in a HUD project. Throw your hood up (and lock yo stuff down for it won't get gangked).